Saturday, 17 August 2013


Of course it's great when people buy your books - I have an unhealthy obsession with checking where I've got to on the Amazon rankings and the royalty cheque is always welcome. Thai Kiss and Thai Lottery took around a year and half in total to go from initial ideas to publication. Charging £3.18 per book seems pretty reasonable, especially as Amazon and the publisher take the lion's share. But....

A few months ago I had the idea for a short story set in a US High School. Gun control was being discussed on every news show and the constant mantra was.... Something Must Be Done. At just 29 pages long it's pretty hard to justify a big price ticket on Amazon, so I only market this when they let me put it out for free.

The story is free all this weekend on Amazon. I hope you will download it and let your friends know

Made your mind up about gun control? Read this first.

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