Thursday, 12 December 2013

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FREE Until December 16

A short story:

America is rocked by another high school shooting. Something must be done and the solution is simple. When evil people have guns, the only way to protect the vulnerable, is to arm the good guys. After all, God made men but Samuel Colt made them equal.
Sam Bailey is only twelve years old when he arrives in the USA from a sleepy village on the east coast of England. He has already experienced at first hand how violence can tear a family apart, but nothing can prepare him for life in the loudest, brashest and most confident country in the world.
When the latest massacre occurs only a hundred miles away, the question everyone is asking is: could this happen at Sam's school?.

"Before you make your mind up about how children should be kept safe at school, read Something Must Be Done, it will make you think again."

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My favourite review

Very few writers make a lot of money. It's an incredibly competitive market and only the top authors can make a decent living. So we get our reward in a different way. Seeing one's book in print is a great experience but the real highlight is receiving a good review.

I've been fortunate, if people don't like my stuff they seem to keep quiet about it. All three of my publications rank close to five on Amazon and most of the comments have been really encouraging. I don't want to appear ungrateful to any of my reviewers but the one I saw today has to be my favourite.

Two of my books are set in the Thai sex industry and many people make their judgement without reading a single page. I have always been particularly concerned about how my work would be received by women readers. That's why this review by a lady called Caroline Page really stood out for me.

Thank you Caroline - I read a review like this and it simply makes my day.

Under the heading - Fabulous Insight

I rarely review books as I read so many but this one deserved. As a middle aged female living in Thailand I found this book to be extremely insightful to the culture of the entertainment, religious and other aspects of Thai life. Yes, there are hundreds of books about bargirls in Thailand (I have read most) and this is of that genre but very well written, some real twists and turns and unusually the girls involved are treated with respect by the author in his story telling and descriptions. Super book and highly recommended for anyone visiting or living here.  

Why not check out the book -  Thai Lottery on